SDK 1.8.5 - Breaking change - Local version broken due to i18n changes


With SDK 1.8.5, you applied changes on the language handling (i18n changes mentioned in your change log post)
I have correctly applied changes on the code to load the specific languages and apply customization, this is fine.

Unfortunately, for local versions, instead of using the custom lib path specified by the following line:

It tries to access the default location to find language json resources (node_modules/@zoomus/websdk/dist/lib/lang/en-US.json as an example)

This provoke the following error and prevent from the Zoom component to correctly load translation, breaking the application.

New i18n module should use the custom lib path.

Could you please have a look at it ASAP ?

Hey @nvivot,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the language configurations in the new update.

In your custom path, have you tried adding the lang folder?

Also, are you using the ZoomMtg var to set the language settings?

In the meantime, I have notified our Web SDK engineers and they are looking into this.


Hey @tommy,

Yes, everything from the lib directory is embedded in our docker image and available on the custom hosted path of the application: wasm, js, css, audio & json files.

I already updated the code to use ZoomMtg. The application works when using CDN but not local (reported error above)

Hey @nvivot,

Thank you for confirming. We are fixing this in version 1.8.6 set for early Jan. (CS-2720, )


Hi @tommy,

Can we know if this 1.8.6 will be released before the 10th january deadline ?

websdk will use cookie


load default JSON http://localhost:9999/node_modules/@zoomus/websdk/dist/lib/lang/en-US.json for local version websdk loaded success.

I copy node_modules/@zoomus/websdk to websdk for testing
after I set

ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib(’/websdk/dist/lib’, ‘/av’);
ZoomMtg.i18n.load(‘en-US’); // load http://localhost:9999/websdk/dist/lib/lang/en-US.json

so you will see send two request en-US.json
I’m not sure whethe you say first request en-US.json not use you specific path. if yes, you can ingore this request.


some develop framework block access node_modules resource, it will cause 404 issues, please confirm.


Hi @JackYang,

Thank you for your reply.
So if i understand correctly, right now there is no way to avoid this 404 not found when we do not allow to access node_module (no public access). In our case, yes we do not make node_module public on our application, and publish public resources on the custom URL instead (and only there)

If this is coming from the cookie, is there a future patch to “fix” it and use the custom library path instead so that no more 404 is generated when starting the zoom web SDK ?

About breaking changes, i realize that a ZoomMtg.reRender() was missing after loading the languages, therefore not displaying in Japanese but English when JP is the default language.


So, this is still an issue (minor one) since it generate 404 for nothing, but definitely not a breaking change anymore.
Thank you again for your detailed answer.

yes, we plan fix 404 issue…

the reRender API only works after joined meeting.
it means you can switer UI language in meeting.

Hey @nvivot ,

This should now be fixed. Please upgrade to version 1.8.6:


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i confirm this is now fixed.

Thank you.

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Thanks for confirming @nvivot ! :slight_smile:


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