I try ipv6 because apple review

I will try apple review with my zoom-sdk-ios app
Thus, apple review guidelin said that

2.5.5 Apps must be fully functional on IPv6-only networks.

then, i try my zoom-sdk-ios app to execute in the ipv6 network
i met error of API authentication task failed, error code: 5

I think that The Zoom Server does not correspond to ipv6 , is it correct?

Which version?


To Reproduce(If applicable)
i setting iOS to use ipv6 only at network setting in iOS
then, My server is OK ,becouse my server set ipv6 network

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPadPro(first generation)
  • OS: [iOS12.3.1]

Hi innovate,

Thanks for the post. I will double check with the engineering team and get back to you with this.


Thanks for your patient. We have tried our SDK with IPv6 environment and we did not find any issues. Our SDK support IPv6 environment. Could you have a try with our official Zoom client and see if our Zoom client works?