Zoom Apps on iOS

Big news @all! Zoom Apps have officially launched on iOS and iPadOS! Android is coming soon (we’re currently aiming for March 2023).

:calling: Update to the latest on the iPhone to try 3 apps in meetings now

What does this mean? Starting November 28, you’ll be able to submit an update to your app to make it available on iOS. To be approved, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your app has no in-app purchases or links to external purchase flows.
  2. You must have a valid Apple Developer Program Team ID.

Learn more about creating Zoom Apps for iOS here.

:thinking: How to prepare? It’s important to note that not all features and JS SDK APIs are currently supported on iOS. Webinar, Guest Mode and Collaborate Mode are not supported today, and you can see a list of supported APIs here.

To test your app using Safari’s Web Inspector, you need to request a developer build of the Zoom iOS client and follow these instructions. When testing, ensure your app properly responds to device rotations.

Next Steps Reach out in #Zoom Apps Community. We’re happy to work with you through the process and help prioritize features and APIs that you need and are currently unsupported.

We’re excited to bring your apps to iOS! :rocket: