I want to create a waiting room for one by one meeting

I want to create an app in which I(as a host) can create a meeting and can add 10 individual people in a room as a queue. And then after I want communication with each one for 15 minutes. Every 15 minutes, the person will get change and so my meeting will last for 15*10= 150 minutes and each individual will get a chance to talk for 15 minutes when their turn comes else they will be in a waiting queue.

I am confused at: Do I need to create a meeting and add all those in it or Do I need to create a room? I tried a demo available but it creates a meeting. How can I work in waiting rooms?

Please guide.
Which version?

Hi rikithakkar1012,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. You could do this with waiting room. If you use the waiting room, you may start a meeting with the waiting room enabled, then all users will be in the waiting room and waiting for the host to admit to joining the meeting. You may ask the participant to leave the room after 15mins(You can control it programmatically) and ask them to rejoin (then they will be in the waiting room). The actual control part(the timer, the leave action, the queue) needs to be controlled in your own app.

Hope this helps. Thanks!