Joining a Meeting Weirdness

I have a test meeting that gets created and two people join. It’s just me and my other browser for testing. I also tested joining the meeting with my Zoom app on Android, and get the exact same behavior as below.

I start the meeting with the host user, works, meeting starts and I join. I see 1 participant (myself).

The other user joins the meeting, it works, they’re joined. They hit the waiting room. On the host screen I never see they joined, I don’t see an option to let them into the meeting.

The only thing I can do is unselect “Put attendee in waiting room on entry” and when I do that, the attendee screen switches to what looks like the meeting immediately. Participants says 0. In the participant window I see “(Me)”. On mobile the participant does not leave the waiting room.

Neither user can see the other user’s chat messages.

I’m not sure if this is a problem, or just weirdness caused by trying to join the meeting twice from the same computer, using different browser windows.

Is it possible to disable the Waiting Room via the Create Meeting API, or this this an account/user level global setting? It appears that after disabling the waiting room this works, at least with my limited testing so far.

Hey @sales1,

You can disable the waiting room at the meeting, user, and account level with the API.


I don’t remember seeing that but I do now. Nice.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: