Id missing for participants list

When I call the /metrics/meetings/XXX/participants endpoint, I get a list of participants. Each of them has a user_id (int) column and an id column.

Unfortunately many of ids are empty as the user didn’t login to zoom when they joined the meeting.

In this case is there any way to get the users email? How can I get more information for my participant when they have a user_id but no id? When I search /users/{user_id} for one of these participants I get ‘User does not exist’

User does not exist

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @phil.mcparlane,

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To clarify, if a user was not authenticated/didn’t log in when they attended a meeting, it’s not possible to access their Zoom User ID or email, as these are not provided for guests in order to protect their personally identifiable information.

While I’m afraid it’s not possible to retrieve these details unless the user is authenticated, I do hope this helps to clarify.


No worries, thanks Will

Glad I could help clarify, @phil.mcparlane :slight_smile:

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