Idea for Splitscreen Gaming in Zoom

Hello! I was wondering if there is an API or webhook that would allow me to enhance the Request Control feature in Zoom so the 2nd user can control a 2nd mouse cursor and keyboard utilizing my friend’s MouseMux software https:// mousemux. com/? My main purpose of doing so is to host accessible game nights in Zoom where participants can play a game locally with me using my Overjoyed accessible video game controller https:// our odyssey. org/overjoyed-software. Thanks!

Exploring creative ways to enhance your virtual hangouts and gaming sessions? Consider the idea for split-screen gaming in Zoom, a novel approach that can add a fun twist to your online gatherings. To elevate your virtual gatherings even further, you can incorporate innovative tools like for additional entertainment and engagement options. Whether you’re hosting a game night with friends or collaborating on projects, this concept allows participants to share screens while enjoying different games or activities simultaneously. With the right games and a reliable platform, such as Zoom, you can create memorable and interactive experiences for everyone involved.