Identify Active Speaker on Electron

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to identify the user who is speaking on the meeting there is something on the Electron SDK that I could achieve that?

Which version?
This question is about Electron SDK, but if this can be achieved with other SDK please share it.

Hi igor,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. You may use the following interfaces to identify the user who is speaking on the meeting:

Currently we do not have this interface in the Electron layer, I will pass this as an interface request to our engineering team.


Could you show some example?

Hey @igor.lunarx,

Here is our docs for Mac and Windows that include tutorials and examples/samples.

Let me know if this helps! Thanks,

The windows sdk I already tried for some success but what i need is the electron sdk.


Unfortunately we do not have this feature in the electron SDK. I will pass this as an interface request to our engineering team.



this is electron SDK about Mac and windows,you can try it.


Thanks for the attention.
I’m using the Windows SDK (Wrapper) so we can see if this might work for us.

I’m using


To get the active user, but the parameter is a uint lstActiveAudio

void onUserActiveAudioChangeAsync(uint lstActiveAudio)

I got with:

IUserInfoDotNetWrap user = CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetMeetingServiceWrap().

Thanks for the help!

Hi Igor,

Thanks for the reply. Your code looks great. If you would like to refer how to implement this in C#, you may refer to the onUserActiveAudioChange() callback in;

If you are willing to use it in Electron, even though we do not have this callback in the Electron layer, but you can refer to the implementation of onUserAudioStatusChange() in, and write a call in the Electron layer to call this interface.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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