Iframe on layers

I am wondering if LayersAPI supports the use of iframes. I am trying to display a Google Slides iframe in my Zoom meeting, and it is working perfectly when viewed in the main client. However, when I switch to the camera view, the iframe becomes invisible. Has anyone else experienced this issue or know if there is a solution?
In the image at the left of “TEST” should be displayed my slide iframe.

The ones working on the main client shows that is not related to domain restrictions… I really don’t know why the iframe is invisible on camera. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Are you seeing any errors in the JavaScript console when the iFrame is missing? I’ll check with our team to confirm if this is supported.

There are no errors in the JS console, but I think the layer logs (inCamera) are not visible. Is there any way to see the inCamera logs as I can only see the logs from the mainClient?

The best way is to use the postMessage and onMessage functions to pass data between the in-client and in-camera instances of the app.

I recently covered this in this post:

Let me know if that helps.

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