I'm going to create a website

Hello everyone, I’m going to develop a website that is integrated with zoom API, please enlighten me on what should I do/learn

so this website is for creating zoom meet between a representative of a university, so the users approximately going to 200-400 users and they can create a scheduled meeting for each university’s representative, and the meeting is gonna be maximum of 30 mins and only one to one meeting, and this event is for specifically chosen university, so it won’t be for the public.

and my question are

  1. is it possible to create multiple meetings for each user?
  2. is it possible to create it without requiring the user to use a zoom account? if not then how?
  3. what pricing plan is most suitable for this scenario?
  4. what should i choose user-managed / account-level app?
  5. for example case A is going to schedule meet with B, here is the flow of what i thought. Please CMIIW.
    a. the server is going to register both users with create user API with action autoCreate
    b. after B is accepting a meeting request from A, server schedule a meeting with A as a parameter userId and schedule_for B, if success server save the meet URL
    c. when the time has come, both user join the meet with saved URL

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
What I should choose OAuth / JWT?