Need help with a solution for the system with many meeting hosts

I want to ask about the meetings API and the plans for my website.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT, Webhook

Which Endpoint/s?
Create a meeting API
Create users API

Additional context
I am building a website for teachers and students. Requirements are as follows:

  • Teachers can create meetings for one-on-one learning or group study.
  • Neither teacher nor students need to log in to zoom to create or join meetings. All will be done by our system.
  • The number of teachers is about 100, each teacher needs about 10 or 20 meetings per day (maybe less or more).

Currently I am using Zoom API (JWT) to create meetings and Web SDK to join meetings. But I have some questions:

  • In the documentation of the Create a meeting API it says “For user-level apps, pass the me value instead of the userId parameter.”, so what exactly does “user-level apps” mean?
  • The meeting API has a daily rate limit of 100 requests per day. The rate limit is applied against the userId of the meeting host used to make the request. So that means if I have a fairly large number of teachers, I need to create for each teacher 1 user (each teacher will correspond to 1 userId when calling the api), is that correct? If so, will I need to use the Create users API?
  • I am using Free plan, I need to upgrade my account to meet my requirements is it correct? And what kind of plan do I need to upgrade to?

Sorry for the long question and maybe my English is not very good. Would appreciate if you could help and let me know if you need more information.

Have a good day!

I still have no solution now. Who can help me, please?

Hi @manhnt ,

Happy to help!

The biggest difference between Account Level and User Level are Account Level apps are installed once, account wide, and have scopes that allow any user on a Zoom account to use the integration.

User level apps are installed per user, and are scoped to that single user.

Yes, each teacher (and student since you want them to be able to create a meeting) will need to be a user on the account. You can use this API to create the users unique to the account. Alternatively, you can invite pre-existing Zoom users (meaning they are already signed up on Zoom) to join your account.. You can find more detailed information about that process here.

For the best plan for your use case, please contact Zoom sales team.


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Thank you so much for your help
I have sent a request to your Integrated Software Vendor (ISV) sales team with email, please check it out for me.
I will let you know if I need more information. Do I need to tag you or just comment and you’ll get a notification?

Have a nice day.
Best regard,

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