IM Messages Management

I’m very worried about API users messages on zoom. Our company need to record messages exchanged between users for 90 days, I’m building an app to get those messages I really need API that are able to select a user in period of time and return their messages, but there isn’t any API to do that.
The API that maybe can do this has “deprecated” status ( GET# /im/users/{userId}/chat/messages), now we have the API to list users’s chat message (GET # /chat/users/{userId}/messages) but I need to pass two parameters to_contact or to_channel, and there isn’t a way to know the parameter ‘to_contact’ from a user, because the API that can get those information is " /chat/users/me/contacts" but is able only for user-managed OAuth app but my application is kind of account-level app.

Anyone can help on that?
My goal is create an application similar that we have in zoom portal. (IM Management)


Hi @leonaldo.bjunior,

Thank you for reaching out about this.

At the moment, you’re correct in that this would be the best way to capture this information (via the List User’s Chat Messages API). We are working on expanding our Chat API capabilities, but this would be the best endpoint at this time.

You will need to specify either the to_contact or to_channel as part of calling this endpoint—this will require a user level OAuth token if you wish to list possible values for a user, as you mentioned.

While we don’t have an account level API to return Chats for a defined period in one request, you do make a great suggestion. If you’re so inclined, I might suggest submitting a feature request for this here: #feature-requests


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