IMeetingShareController ->SetEvent does not work as expected

Meeting SDK for Linux v5.16.10.718 (latest)

I am successfully using the meetingsdk-linux-raw-recording-sample and have added a IMeetingShareCtrlEvent listener by calling meetingShareController->SetEvent().

The listener works correctly if sharing has not already been started; however, if a user in the meeting has already started sharing their screen when the bot has joined, then the listener does not detect any onSharingStatus events.

My code is as follows:

IMeetingShareController *meetingShareController = m_pMeetingService->GetMeetingShareController();
SDKError shareEventError = meetingShareController->SetEvent(new MeetingShareCtrlEventListener());

The shareEventError = SDKERR_SUCCESS but no events are received if any user in the meeting has already started sharing.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a meeting AND start sharing the screen or window
  2. Start the meetingsdk-linux-raw-recording-sample and the bot joins
  3. Call IMeetingShareController->SetEvent(myListener)

Expected behavior: myListener receives onSharingStatus events such as when a user starts/stops sharing.

Actual behavior: no onSharingStatus events are received.

@psculley ,

Just to confirm, you are observing that

Call IMeetingShareController->SetEvent(myListener)

does not capture subsequent share related events which happens after, right?

Hi Chun,

You are correct but the issue occurs only when a user in the Zoom meeting is already sharing at the time when the SDK joins and calls IMeetingShareController->SetEvent(myListener).

From that point on the events are never triggered even if the same or another user shares or stops sharing.

@psculley , thanks for the information. I’ve managed to replicate this issue and will be filling a ticket for this bug

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