IMeetingQAControllerEvent not working


We’re using the Windows Meeting SDK and was hoping to implement support to receive Q&A questions and answers. Unfortunately these events seem to never fire.

Here’s how to replicate:

  1. Setup Meeting with Q&A enabled
  2. Host meeting on the standard Zoom Meeting client running on another computer.
    (In this case Windows 10)
  3. Go to Q&A and turn on Allow participants to view All questions.
  4. Connect to meeting using SDK then call IMeetingQAController->SetEvent to wire up events.
  5. Events such as “OnAllowAttendeeViewAllQuestionStatus” are received as a result of permission changes, so I know SetEvent is working correctly, however events for the actual questions and answers including OnReceiveQuestion or OnReceiveAnswer are never called.

This is also the case if I use the SDK to host the meeting with Q&A setup directly. OnReceiveQuestion is never invoked when a participant asks a question in this case as well.

SDK Version: v5.16.1.22573
Platform: Windows 10

Please advise on when this can be fixed.


Hi @vxdevops ,

I am messaging you for the following:

  • developer email associated with SDK
  • client id
  • recent meeting ids within 7 days where this behavior occured
  • error or SDK logs if present
  • recording of behavior if possible


Following up! Sent you a message a few days ago @vxdevops

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