Implementing Signout in zoom app running inside zoom client

Hey There,

I need to understand the standard way to sign out the user from my app running in zoom client once the user performs a sign out on Zoom Client.

Is it like, I need to user their access token to register for signout webhook event? And then perform a token/session destroy in my backend?

Do zoom have anything implicit like destroying the local storage or cookie storage once the user sign out of the zoom client? So that any other user logging in to Zoom client who already have my app installed is not able to use those?

Is the app storage shared to two different users of Zoom client? Am I mistooking anything?

Maybe, we have some other approach to handle User SignOuts for app running inside zoom?

Any help would be appreciated…

You can use the user.presence_status_updated event to determine when the user is logged out of all the Zoom Clients.

However, this would also be triggered if they set their status to offline manually. In most cases, I think the best pattern is to set an expiration on your session and rely on that to log users out of your service when the app is not being used.

Let me know if that helps.