Poll and Whiteboard with Web SDK

Hello All,

I am a developer from a ed tech company and we are planning to integrate web sdk. Here polling and whiteboard are the main feature we are trying to use with web sdk. It is necessary to have these two feature with web sdk. Is there any way that we can add these two feature with web sdk? We cannot have user to come outside browser so windows/mac zoom client sdk will not work.

Is there anything available in community project that does this?

Dipen Sompura.

Hey @dipen.sompura,

We are in the process of adding these features to the Web SDK, but we currently do not have an exact timeline. You can stay updated here:

As a work around, you could use a third party polling or whiteboard service in conjunction with the Web SDK.


Hi @tommy
The updates have been great and I look forward to future additions as well. I also have a similar project in mind: implementing a whiteboard and other educational tools into the Zoom client. Would this be feasible using the Windows/Mac Zoom SDKs?


Hey @fabio182,

Since this question is related to our Desktop SDKs, someone from our team will answer you here.


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