Implementing Zoom OAuth API into AngularJS

Hi All,
I’m fairly new to web development. I am trying to implement Zoom OAuth Api into my website.
I was successful in getting the GET and POST request using client id, access token etc. using POSTMAN.
But my question is…

As each user signs into their zoom from my website, I want to save the user information to my database. Any suggestion or steps i can take?

  1. once the user clicks on the button, it’ll redirect to zoom sign in page
  2. user signs in and redirects to my homepage url
  3. now my homepage has the code generated : Https://
  4. Basically now I want to save the users zoom information to retrieve their Personal Meeting ID into my database… In order to do so, I need to get my access token because it expires every hour.
  5. request POST request to get the Access Token
  6. retrieve that token and use it for GET request to get the user information

How shall I implement this into the code? or any easier way to get the user’s PMI. I know I can make a field where they can just paste their PMI link into the sign up page but I dont want my user to leave my website for I know they are greater chance they won’t finish the sign up page because it’ll be inconvenient.

Thank you all in advance. Any suggestion will be very much appreciated.

Which App Type (OAuth)?

Hey @ejlee1993, welcome to the devforum!

After the user lands on the redirect url, use the code in the query param to request an access_token.

Once you have an access_token, get their userID, and then store their user id as the primary key, access_token, refresh_token, and expires timestamp and anything else you want in your database, like the PMI.

Before each additional request to the API, check if their access_token is still valid by comparing the expires time with the current time. If the access_token is expired, refresh it, update the new tokens for that user in your database, and then use the access_token to make the API request.

Does that make sense?


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