Import or display recording video in MVC C# website

I building an educational website that use zoom for online classes. I need to import videos to my website hosting or play it directly from zoom.
I searched the forum and found some old posts talking about similar topics, that I should download the recording and upload it again to my website or play it in IFrame but it was not working in all browsers and might stop working after a while.

what is the best way to accomplish that?
I am new to zoom, so any help will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance

Hi @aymanmu81
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
You could programatically download the recordings using our Rest APIs

and uploading it to your website

Thank you Elisa form your response.

Can you provide me with a sample code to download and upload recording in C# or mention a resource?
Thank you,

Hi @aymanmu81
Unfortunately, we do not have a sample app or code to download recordings using C#
But, here is a link to our Github where you will be able to find different applications that you can use for reference:

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