Important changes in the Zoom Apps SDK (javascript package)

From now on, you can access the Zoom Apps SDK through either NPM or cloud CDN. The CDN will be updated by our team to maintain backward and forward compatibility with new Zoom releases. If you prefer the NPM package, make sure to check for updates and redeploy your application when needed to maintain compatibility with new versions of Zoom Client.

We recommend everyone to switch to using CDN that supports versions 0.14 and 0.16 of SDK. If you are using v0.14, the update should be seamless. If you are using an older version, please upgrade as soon as possible. All previous versions are not maintained.

We recommend upgrading to v0.16.
Key changes in this release:

  • Strict types for method parameters and return values
  • Improved data formats in some methods
  • Automatically generated documentation
  • callZoomApi method is deprecated




Can you provide and adequate changelog for migrating from versions prior to 0.14? The documentation linked has a changelog with no information prior to 0.16.



Good to know about the information you have shared with us. I think your tips and strategies could help the writers to do their works properly about Java.

Hi Ash,

The changelog you linked (Zoom Developer Docs) is for changes on the docs site.

The changelog for SDK versions is currently located here: Releases · zoom/appssdk · GitHub. There is no note for v0.14 because that version is not publicly available on GitHub or NPM.

If we load the Zoom Apps SDK via the CDN, is it true that we then need to add to the list of whitelisted domains in our app configuration? It seems like it doesn’t work without doing this, but I would have expected this domain to be auto-whitelisted.

Nice work on the types! This is super helpful! :pray:

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