Improper JSON Responses


When trying to parse the JSON responses from API, I’m getting a few errors. I’ve mapped your responses to classes in C# and am trying to deserialize them with Newtonsoft’s Json.NET, but in a few responses I’m getting improperly formatted JSON.

For example, in this response, the Status.message value has improperly escaped quotations.

  "CallDisconnectResult": {},
  "Status": {
    "message": "Result reason: "Must be in meeting to disconnect"",
    "state": "Error"
  "Sync": true,
  "topKey": "CallDisconnectResult",
  "type": "zCommand"

Double quotes need to be properly escaped with backslashes when inside a JSON string.

I’m also running into issues with the “zStatus Video Camera Line” command which has unescaped backslashes in it:  “\?\usb#vid_25c1&pid_000d&mi_00#6&bf5c205&0&0000#{65e8773d-8f56-11d0-a3b9-00a0c9223196}\global”. This causes Newtonsoft to try to interpret \u… as an escaped unicode sequence rather than the literal “\usb”.


Ok, I added a bug for this: JSON Escape problem: ZOOM-51731. And I added it to the fix list for the roadmap releases: