In-Meeting Recording Controls API error Round 2

I’m still trying to hunt down the error described in this thread with the In-Meeting recording controls API.

In our user OAuth app, some users are able to make the API call, but some users always get back a 400 error with the body:

%{"code" => 200, "message" => "No permission."}

These users have the same set of OAuth scopes (meeting:write in particular) and have Zoom Pro licenses. And yes, these users are the host of the meeting they are making the call on.

Looks like ZOOM-190194 is the ticket number in question.

Hey @ryan,

Thanks for reaching back out about this.

Can you confirm that these users have the user:write scope as well?


Yes, both users have these same scopes:


Also of note, for this group of users I am testing with, all are in the same Zoom account. One of them users can make the call, the other three cannot. I tried applying the developer role to all users on a whim since that was one clear difference, but to no avail.

Hey @ryan,

Thanks for confirming. Can you share the details of the users (id or email), the full request URL, and any other additional details you have with me at Please reference this thread and I’ll be happy to look into this for you.


Ok, I’ve sent the email! Request #10076184

Thanks, @ryan!

Confirming I’ve received the email and will follow up there.


For those following along, Will confirmed that access to these APIs is controlled by user roles as opposed to OAuth scopes like other APIs (and that the documentation will be updated to reflect that).

Thanks for sharing this here @ryan! :slight_smile:

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