Incoming Webhook with JIRA

I am trying to send data from JIRA into specific Team Chat channels. I am able to do this between JIRA and Slack, but not yet been able to replicate it between JIRA and Zoom.

My Zoom Admin has enabled the “Incoming Webhook” app from the Zoom Marketplace.

I used the command connect to create an endpoint with a verification token for the specified Team Chat Channel.

I have set up the JIRA POST to include the endpoint and Verification Token.

When I do a simple test and pass simple text in the body, I am able to POST to ZOOM; however, it posts to the APP and not the Team Channel that the endpoint.

When I try to pass JIRA-specific information in the body, I get errors (either it says the token is not valid, or the body can not be blank).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.