Incorrect Participant.Id in Participant Joined Webhook

I always get the same Participant.Id value from the Participant joined webhook. I expect this value to match the value of id I receive for a given registrant from the list registrants endpoint.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?


Which Endpoint/s?

Participant Joined Webhook

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Schedule a meeting with Approval Type=0
  2. Register several participants
  3. Have one of the participants join using the join_url from the List Registrants Endpoint while listening to the Participant Joined Webhook
  4. Compare the from the webhook value to the list you received from the list registrants endpoint.

Hey @aj.feather,

The id field returned by the Participant Joined webhook is a unique ID that applies to a given participant—this is different than the Registrant ID, and is expected.

Let me know if you have additional questions.


Hi @will.zoom,

The explanation in the docs says that that’s true if registration was not required, but then it says “If registration was required for the meeting, and the participant joins the meeting by logging into Zoom, the value of this ID is the same as the Registrant ID (id) found in the response of List Meeting Registrants API.”

The question above aside, I’m trying to identify the user when they join the meeting. I was trying to do this by registering them and have them join the call by using the link I receive back from the registration API. Is there a better way to identify users when they join the call?

Hi @will.zoom after some more digging on forums, it seems my issue has been flagged in this post where @tommy said it would be addressed in JIRA: ZOOM-126518, but I don’t see any posts saying a solution has been implemented.

I can match emails using the User API for now like it was suggested in the post, but I don’t always have the email the user uses for Zoom when I’m registering them in our system. This can lead to some discrepancies and it would be great if I could somehow match info from the List Registrants Endpoint to the participant joined webhook.

Hey @aj.feather,

Thanks for clarifying your use case—and apologies, you’re correct in that whether or not registration is required will affect the behavior here.

I’ve followed up with our team on this scenario and have raised the importance of being able to more easily map IDs from the List Registrants endpoint to the participant joined webhook. (ZOOM-181169). While your best bet for now will be to work off of the email field, I understand this doesn’t capture every case, and will be happy to advocate for an improved experience here.

Thanks again for raising this, AJ!

Great! I did find a workaround here that we will use for now


Hey @aj.feather,

I’m glad you were able to find that workaround. That said, I realize it’s not ideal and I’ll continue to work with my team to advocate for an improved experience. (ZOOM-181169)


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