Mismatching Registrant ID's from Webhook

So for webinar ID *********** the webhook sent me all 227 registrants, with their registrant ID from zoom.

However on the join/leave webhooks not a single registrant ID matches.

They are all completely different, so I have no way of recording the join/leave times.

Is this something we are doing wrong? These ones are meetings rather than webinars, and the webinar ones all work fine.

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs


We are also having the same issue. Our meeting setting is the following:

  • registration is required
  • user must login to zoom to join meeting.

Now with these 2 conditions we expect to get the same ID form list Meeting Registrants API. Right?

If I see the ID when participant register and in the List Meeting Registrant API. It is the same.

But when I check the participant ID in the webhook. It is wrong. All other information is correct like host information, host id, participant name. Only the ID is wrong.

Please solve this ASAP. We’ve so many meetings integrated to our system and this thing causing trouble.

Many thanks

Hey @mohsin0332.mt, @TCADeveloper

Are you both requiring the setting that the user must login to Zoom to join the meeting? Please try disabling that setting and see if it works.