Increase Zoom API rate limit to add meeting registrant

I work for a non-profit, education company and we use the Zoom API to add participants to their Zoom meetings. Sometimes students have multiple changes to their Zoom information in a given day- the first name has a prefix which changes based on who their teacher leader is, so there are updates to the first name as well as other parts of the Zoom meeting registration details depending on information changes. This can sometimes result in more than three requests to ‘POST /v2/meetings/{meetingId}/registrants’ in a day. I was wondering if there is any way to increase the add a meeting registrant rate limit for our Zoom app? I appreciate your help/advice.

Hi @MaxM, I saw in this post that you mentioned there is a way to increase rate limits, “but it is a lengthy process that involves our product management approval.” I was wondering how I could go about this process? It is really important for us because sometimes student participant info is updated multiple times the day of a Zoom meeting and then in the meeting their name (or prefix we put in front of their name) is showing up incorrectly and can be confusing. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


Welcome to the zoom developer forum. To increase the rate limit you will want to submit a support ticket with your request. Here is our help documentation on that :smiley:

One option that you may want to explore is maintaining your own set of information on what the meeting configuration should be and submitting changes to Zoom only when needed (like before a reminder email is due to be sent, or shortly before the meeting is supposed to begin). My organization reuses meeting IDs and we only send the next occurrence’s information to Zoom per meeting ID when the time arrives, so any changes that are made before it’s the next occurrence are only applied in our system and don’t result in Zoom API calls.

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