Add Meeting Registrant Rate Limit

Applicable endpoints:
Create Meeting
Update Meeting to set alt host
Add Registrant

Hello, Our application automates scheduling meetings for our users.
We recently added the ability to include an alternate host and are running into some rate limit issues.
The API acts on behalf of a licensed zoom user following this process:

  1. Meeting Created
  2. Registrants added (auto approve enabled)
  3. Alt host selected in our UI at a later time making a request to our API
  4. Our API calls API: PATCH /v2/meetings/xxxxxx to set the alternate host
  5. Our API calls API: POST /v2/meetings/xxxxxx/registrants to include the alternate host as a registrant to generate a join link

Step 5 is where we are seeing the rate limit, I see the docs call that out as a daily request limit of 3. This is a VERY low limit for our use case.
We handle email notifications on our side, so relying on the alt host email sent via zoom is unfortunately not an option. Which is why we are adding them as a meeting registrant.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

{“code”:429,“message”:“You have exceeded the daily rate limit of (3) for Add meeting registrant API requests for the registrant (EMAIL_REDACTED). You can resume these API requests at GMT 00:00:00.”}

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create scheduled meeting
  2. Update meeting to set alt host
  3. Add alt host as meeting registrant

@nruggles ,

Please see this post and let me know if it helps:

Thanks Donte!

It’s definitely related but doesn’t help with a resolution…
At it’s core, we have the following requirements:

  1. Meetings are created via a service account on-behalf-of a given licensed zoom user
  2. 1-2 additional participants added via the same service account
  3. Add or Update the alt host and get access to their specific join link

Any ideas?

@nruggles ,

This workflow should function properly as long as the same user is not registered more than three times. Are you suggesting that your requirement involves the same user being registered more than three times?

Thanks @donte.zoom I looked a bit deeper, it likes like user error in this case!

Apologies I should have verified that before posting!

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No worries! Happy you were able to resolve the problem, @nruggles!