Inputs for MobileRTCSwiftSample

I’m very new to Zoom’s SDK. Can anyone explain where I can find App key, App secret, Domain, user id, user token, user name and meeting id?

I have a developer account, which has SDK key and secret as well as API key and secret–i’m assuming SDK key and secret are the app key and secret. Is that right?

What is domain?  I’m using as the domain, but getting the error: 

2018-08-14 10:03:04.220813-0500 MobileRTCSwiftSample[10312:1070282] old data has cpoied done

2018-08-14 10:03:04.225989-0500 MobileRTCSwiftSample[10312:1070282] [logging] table zoom_meet_participants already exists

2018-08-14 10:03:04.227146-0500 MobileRTCSwiftSample[10312:1070282] [logging] table zoom_kv already exists

[10312:771:08-14/10:03:04.238:FATAL:SBPTUI.cpp(197)] Assert failed: 0.

Where do I get a user token/id?


hi kevin:

you can find more detail from here.
thank you for choose zoom.