New zoom sdk key for web development

Hello Zoom Developers, I`m new it this development, and have a problem with Zoom sdk key, when I want to log in to the meeting it writes that ‘the data was invalid’ and I think that is this key, so I want to generate a new one, and I have question where I need to find the new one for my project?

@antonshupen you will need to create a new meeting sdk app if you want a new SDK Key

Do you mean that these App Credentials in the SDK app this is my SDK Key and SDK secret?

@antonshupen could you elaborate what you are trying to do?

I just want to join the meeting by using the .env file and write there SDK credentials.

@antonshupen I understand.

Please use the Client ID and Client Secret which is found in the Meeting SDK App type.

Client ID = SDK Key
Client Secret = SDK Secret

Thank you for this advice!

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