Inquiry about Zoom API Features for Programmatically Managing Account Plans

Hey Zoom Devs!

Hope you’re all doing awesome! Quick question: is there a way to tweak our Zoom account plans through the API? I’m trying to manage things more efficiently, especially when it comes to handling unused licenses. I couldn’t find a direct way to edit plans using the API.

If not, any chance this is in the pipeline? It’d be a game-changer for our automation dreams.

Thanks a ton for your time and any insights you can share!


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Generally, you can modify account plans by adding or removing licenses, and manage accounts with the Master APIs. Here are some helpful links for your reference:

Apart from that, could you provide more details about the specific plan adjustments you’re looking to make?


Thanks for the quick response!

We’re looking to programmatically remove/add licenses from/to specific users and tweak our plan accordingly. It’s all about streamlining our processes and making things run smoother.

Can you hook us up with some guidance or docs on how to do this using the Master APIs?