Integrate presonalized screens in the share window

I would like to be able to share personalized screens within the zoom experience. The idea is that while in a zoom conversation a browser session will be shown inside the zoom experience but each user will provide a different token to the URL such that they will receive personalized experience. For example, imagine I have a web service at https://web.service/ then once I click on the share button all the participants on the call will have a browser open inside the zoom experience but they will call the URL https://web.service/[GUID] where the GUID is difference for each user. Therefore, all participants are on the same URL but they get a different experience.

How do I integrate such experience in ZOOM?

Thank you in advance

Hey @rgb, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

This is an interesting idea, however currently not possible because screen sharing is static and not dynamic, meaning that what a user shares on the screen cannot have multiple different instances.


Thanks for the info. I think this feature would be very beneficial in many settings such as classrooms


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I agree @rgb, we will consider adding this to our backlog.