Integrate Zoom API for creating meeting

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We wish to integrate Zoom API into our application which has been hosted in Azure. This application supports multi tenants. How this Zoom API can be integrated so that the end users can use their credentials to create a meeting link
I created one JWT App and invoked the API from console library- I was able to retrieve the host URL. however, I need to know how the token can be retried using user id and password, then pass the same token to generate the host link

Hi @prasad ,

If I’m understanding you correctly, you wont be able to use the user’s user id and password to retrieve the JWT token to generate new meeting links. JWT tokens are generated with the API key and secret. If you programmatically have the API key and secret passed through end user requests, they should be able to generate the user id and password. I just want to disclaim that we do not recommend everyone have direct access to the API key and secret because it’s like.a master key for all API endpoints.

Please let me know if this helps.


Hello Gianni,

I appreciate your response. Let me give provide an overview of the application what we have. Our application has been hosted in Azure as SAAS and will support multi tenants. I’m thinking to use OAUTH App for generating the Token. I’m wondering how the RedirectURL can dynamically configured as multiple vendors(tenants) would using this API to create meeting. for an instance, assume I have multiple vendors who would be using different URLS.

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