Create Meeting for any user

Is it possible to enable any user to create and host a meeting via POST request?

Simultaneous meetings need to be possible. We want anyone that fills out our web form to be the host.

Context: Social application. User can schedule a video call via a web form on our site. We will then schedule a Zoom call via the API with data from the web form and provide the user with the join URL.

It is simple to create meetings for myself that I host, but that is not the use case here.

A future version would use the Zoom SDK to integrate video calling onto our website. For this version, we simply want to use the Zoom app.

As far as I can tell, I can only schedule meetings for myself via the API. I am open to paying for a different plan if that is the issue.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Meeting Create

Hey @dommarr,

When you say “any user” do you mean any Zoom user, or just the Zoom users on your account?

I believe the flow you are looking for is quite simple. You will create the meeting as the host, and then share the join_url with the person you want to meet with.

You can expand this to OAuth, to allow other users to have meetings created for them programmatically on their behalf.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response.

To give you a better idea, here is a Loom video of the last beta: App Preview

Once the user schedules a “Stir Fry”, we send a video meeting URL to them and their friends. Users join the call and do the recipe together.

In this case, meetings are not meant for me or anyone internally. We will never join the call. They are meant for any user to schedule and use with their friends - ideally with no logging in. Simple one-click join. It needs to be possible to have many simultaneous meetings and no “host” in the usual sense.

In the future we would embed video right onto the website, but for this next beta we simply want to use the Zoom web client - no downloads for the user, etc.

Is this possible with the API? Appreciate the help!

Hey @dommarr,

Cool idea! :slight_smile:

To solve this problem, I suggest the creator of the Stir Fry connects their Zoom account to your app, which will allow you to create a meeting for them with the Create Meeting API, and then send the join_url to the friends, which they can click on and join the Stir Fry Zoom without any Zoom account.

That way you can have simultaneous meetings since the creator of the Stir Fry will always be the host of the Zoom meeting, and you won’t have to manage any account creation on your end.

Also due note the Web SDK has limited functionally (no gallery view or HD video) so I suggest using the Zoom App until the Web SDK gets a few more updates.