Integrate Zoom for online classroom

Hello. I own a online school business where I have to integrate Zoom for peer to peer video conferencing. For example, suppose I have a customer A(teacher/instructor) and customer B, C, D, E, F… and Z(students). I wanna integrate zoom with Python Django Framework in such a way that user A can schedule meting for his students. And students can join meeting from my website. Is there any kinds of Zoom API that I can use to implement the following feature?

N.B: There will be so many users(like Teacher/instructor), and everyone will be able to do the following job. And also get the users(students) list who participated on that specific meetings?

Hi @sarkersagore25 , you can integrate the Zoom Meeting SDK into your website and use the Create a Meeting API endpoint to create scheduled meetings for users on your account (the teachers).

Does this help?

Thanks for your information. I explored your references. As your mentioned information, Zoom may not fulfill my requirements.

@sarkersagore25 okay I see, thanks for letting me know!