Integrating mobile SDK with Epic Telehealth Plugin

We recently implemented the Epic plugin that allows us to launch zoom telehealth sessions from MyChart Mobile and our native iOS and Android app that sits on top of the MyChart SDK.

Our issue now is the video services team has seen a large influx of calls from users who cannot figure out how to install Zoom or make the calls work on their mobile browser. To alleviate this, we would like to embed the Zoom SDK directly into our native app.

I have downloaded the SDK and built the example project, but I am having issues finding documentation on how to integrate it with the Epic Telehealth plugin.

It is my understanding from Epic that we need to use as the domain and then provide the orgid, userid, sessionid, first and last name. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to do this with the SDK.

Is there any documentation or possibly an example for ios or android that can help us understand how to integrate the Epic plugin with the Zoom SDK. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi tashmore,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Let me forward this to the engineering team and get back to you shortly.


Hi tashmore,

The Zoom Epic integration and Zoom SDK are two separate systems so you would need to set the web domain as “” in Zoom SDK, and parse the corresponding meeting information from Epic and pass them to Zoom SDK.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

That’s an excellent point that we hadn’t considered yet Carson. Is there documentation on how to call I’m assuming here, but could we just call that like any other api and get back a meeting id that we can then use on the SDK?

Hi tashmore,

Thanks for the reply. I might not be the best person to speak with regarding the Epic link as it is not a part of the SDK integration, the following link could be helpful:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks Carson,

So if we get back the URL from the Epic Zoom plugin (see below_, would it be possible to parse out the parameters and feed them into the Zoom SDK? Also, if we do go that route, what risk do we run of Zoom changing parameters and breaking integration?

I’ve replaced potentially sensitive details with <…>. Thanks!**********8?uname=…&vendor=epic&pwd=…&vendor_uuid=…&status=success

Hi tashmore,

Not sure if that is a valid meeting number so I removed the meeting ID as well. Our SDK only takes certain required information, such as meeting number, meeting password, display name, etc. All other parameters (such as vendor, status, etc.) won’t be recognized or useful for SDK. If you would like to customize certain settings, you need to call the corresponding SDK interface to configure them.

I believe the required information: meeting number, meeting password, display name won’t change as they are essential in Zoom services.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

As far as I can tell the data parameter coming from the Epic Zoom plugin is encrypted - are you decrypting that parameter to get these fields or am I missing something obvious?

Hi jim.power,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. I am not very familiar with the Epic plugin, maybe you could consult the corresponding service provider for more info. If you are able to retrieve the required information, you may pass them to SDK to start/join a meeting.

Hope this helps. Thanks!