Telehealth and SDKs (anndroid + ios)


We have a paid Zoom account. We are getting below error while starting a meeting.

ApiKey Not Exist Or Incorrect
Error code 500

We are using this article to try and create a meeting link and getting the error above.

We created an JWT app to follow the article above. Is that correct or do we need to use something else to create Telehealth meeting?

Also, if we get past this we would like to be able to integrate zoom telehealth in our mobile (native apps) to organise meetings between doctors and patients. We can’t find any documentation regarding this. Can you provide us with some documentation, articles or sample code / projects of how to do this using zoom apis and SDKs.

Hey @ja1,

Do you have a Zoom Health Care account as mentioned the article?


Hi, @tommy sorry for the delay, but ja1 is a team zoom account that we use for development and i dont receive the notifications. i created my own account under our team to continue this conversation. regarding your question, yes we had emailed support and they said our account is setup for telehealth. can you provide info on how to use with sdks since we are building ios and android apps for a health system and we would like users to go to a screen within our app and join a meeting without having to login or even have their own zoom account

Hey @csylaios,

You should be good to go to use our SDKs if you have a Zoom health care account.

Feel free to ask additional Android and iOS questions here: #mobile-sdk:ios #mobile-sdk:android


Hi @tommy this is what i am getting following this article

Hey @csylaios,

To confirm, you are using a JWT App to generate the API Key?


@tommy sorry for the delay, yes we are. i think i might have figured it out. will let you know after some tests if everything is ok, thanks

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Thanks for the update @csylaios!

Let me know if you are still having issues.