Integrating with a custom application

Hi, this might be a basic question, but I need to make sure that my understanding is correct. I need to add manage Zoom meetings on my web site. The site itself is a ReactJS based and I use Java as a backend.

I would like to use Oauth flow to authorize my app and further manage meetings on user’s behalf. My questions. Can WebSDK be used on the client-side? If not, then how do I integrate with Zoom, given my backend is written on Java? Is API is my only option?

Having API calls is not the best option as it requires my users to generate API/Secret keys and then to update their profiles. I’d rather avoid this step. An example of integration on the client-side will be helpful.

Hey @nomadus,

For managing the creation of meetings, you will need to use OAuth and the Zoom API which needs to be implemented on the server side.

For embedding the actual meeting in your client side react site, use the Web SDK.


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