Is there a Zoom plugin for web?


I’m a junior web developer with the task of integrating Zoom into a website developed with React JS framework and Node JS. I’m a bit new in the development world so I apologise if this is not the right place to ask or if it has an obvious answer, but I couldn’t find this anywhere else.

The use case: teachers and students are able to meet remotely for lessons, through meetings created by an admin account. I’ve been trying to integrate Zoom manually using the Web Meeting SDK, with the help of the guides and APIs provided by Zoom documentation. However, someone told me I can use a “Zoom plugin” instead, with which I would be able to integrate the Zoom meeting creation page, styled to be visually and functionally the same as the create meeting page in the Zoom web client, directly into my website. He has told me this should be in the Zoom developer docs, and briefly showed me an example he had of a Zoom integration into Canvas , a learning management system (LMS) used by some institutions, using this plugin.

I did some digging on this plugin, but I couldn’t find it. I only found plugins for mobile (Ionic) and native desktop (Electron), if they even are the same thing. Sadly I’m not able to get in contact with this person for a long time to get more info on it, hence why I’m posting this.

So to summarise my question: is there a plugin for Zoom that I can insert into my web that would give me an interface to create meetings, and send the meeting details needed to the host (tutor) and the participant (student)? If not, and I misunderstood what this plugin is, is there something else that I can use or should consider instead?

Hi @rdeveloper ,

Welcome to Zoom! We are happy to support you on your development journey!

Could they have been referring to the Zoom Canvas Integration?

Our SDKs are the method for integrating Zoom within applications.

If you want the ability to schedule meetings, the Web SDK route is the way to go:

We have Sample Apps for React and Node.js here. Are these what you’ve been using?

Let me know if this helps!

Hey @gianni.zoom,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, that must be the plugin. The person who mentioned that to me told me that it was a plugin that could be used in other applications other than Canvas, that I could find it in the Zoom docs. Is this plugin something that I can get somewhere and use for my web app? I’m looking for a way to insert a “create meeting” page that looks like that Canvas integration in my website without having to code it from scratch, if there is any.

And yes, I’ve been using the React Sample App to build mine, although it doesn’t have an example of API calling from back-end.

I appreciate your help!

Hi @rdeveloper and @pameelasmith123 , we appreciate your expressed interest in Zoom! We do not have a plug-in that functions as described. The best way to embed Zoom into your website for meetings with a customizable UI experience is via Web SDK.

Let me know how things are going with the implementation.


@gianni.zoom I see, that’s a bummer, but worth a try. Thanks for your help!

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