Integrating Zoom meeting API with Web App

Hi, this is my first time integrating zoom API with my application so I am pretty new to this, I’ve done some research and setup my account and test environment for Postman. I want to handle users and create meetings through zoom for consultancy and stuff for the users on my App, so that the users could just click and schedule a meeting with the admin.

When I call other API’s like list-users or list-meetings, they are working completely fine, but when I am trying to create-meeting through postman, it is returning 500 internal server error. In the API documentation they have not listed 500 response, so it confused me a little.

(+ I would really appreciate if some one could explain the flow I should follow to integrate it to my app :slight_smile: )

Meeting API Endpoint

Screenshot of the Response

Hi @Shoaib_ui,

Happy to help!

Can you ensure the following:

  • you’re passing valid JSON in your request body
  • you’re including the header for Content-Type equal to application/json
  • In Postman, request body is set to raw/JSON:


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Sorry for the late reply, I dropped the project for a while. I just set the content-type to application/json and set the request body to raw and it resolved the issue. Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Glad that did the trick :slight_smile:

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