Integration 2 different instance of Marketo

How can we integrate two different instances of Marketo?

About 6 months go, one of BU’s that’s migrated their Marketo from Webex to Zoom integration. Fast forward to today, we acquired a company that is also using Marketo. They would like to also leverage Marketo - Zoom integration. How can we integrate two different Marketo accounts for Zoom integration?


Can you please elaborate your use case in details (please provide examples), so that we can provide you with specific recommendations?

6 months ago, One our BU’s migrated their Marketo to use Zoom for meetings. We followed the Marketo Zoom guide on integrating Marketo and Zoom and we got it to work.

Today, we have a different BU that also want’s to integrate their Marketo account to use Zoom for meetings. However I’m not able integrate Marekto to Zoom because on the Zoom integration for Marketo, it only ask for one API/Secrect Key from Marketo.

So, we have two different BU’s. Both have their own separate Marketo accounts. Both want to integrated with Marketo. One is working, but the other one, I can integrate.

I’m happy to get on call to explain further if needed.
Thank you.

Hi, any update to this?

Hi Seric,
I am currently working on your case, I will get back to you as soon as I have any updates

Hi Seric,

Thank you for patiently waiting,
Unfortunately, what you are asking is not possible and at this time, we can integrate only one Marketo account with one Zoom account.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for the update Ojus.