Integrating multiple sessions accounts into one Marketo instance

Hi we are trying to integrate multiple sessions accounts into one Marketo instance.
when we upgraded to sessions we were advised that one user account would be the main account and act as an umberella account.

Please can anyone help ?

@amy.semirli can you explain the issue in more details? You can find more information about marketo integration here: Using Marketo for Zoom Events – Zoom Support


Hi @ojus.zoom this has been an ongoing issue for a month now and their Marketo Integration to ZE/Sessions is still not set up. They have already followed the steps we shared with them but it still is not working

@ojus.zoom the main issue now here is the initial Zoom Events and Webinar integration to Marketo. They cant get it to work despite following the steps I provided to them in PDF and Support pages.

FYI @amy.semirli Please ask Jeroen to reply here too

I have managed to log into zoomsessions2 after a colleague of mine was able to retrieve the verification code of the inbox that I do not access to…
But I cannot see how to create an event. It only allows me to make a webinar.

also access to Zoomsessions1 and 3. Same, no sessions, only webinars or meetings

@mark.bustilla @Creditsafe_admin are you able to open a support ticket for this? Please have an admin open a support ticket. We are not able to support custom integrations