Integration web sdk into Agular app , getting invalid signature if using php for generating signature

Hello ,

I am trying to integrate web sdk into Agular app , I have follow these git demo

and generated signature as well

Have generate jwt and sdk app credentials from marketplace

I have created meeting and after generating PHP based signature when I am trying to connect meeting , its showing invalid signature.
this is how signature looks WVNyVERhVV9SYm1FcGh0c01pUjB0QS44OTcyMzcwOTY3Mi4xNjU1OTYzOTE5MDAwLjAublBSTXNzYzlzVW1qQmJPZkRETVBGaDNubXdick52VHdmNjJmSGZxRDNsTT0=
Can you please tell us the complete process step by step.