I want to integrate zoom meeting into my angular application.How to integrate?

public initializeZoomApp():void{
ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib(‘https://source.zoom.us/1.9.1/lib’, ‘/av’);
isSupportAV: true,
success: () => {
userName: ‘Ravikumar’,
passWord: this.passWord,
success: () => {
console.log(‘Join meeting success’);
error: () => {
console.log(‘Join meeting error’);

@galinki.ravi333 hope you will be fine.

Here are the sessions regarding WebSDK Integrations

Thank you so much @freelancer.nak Naeem Ahmed

Thank you for help. But already I followed same video Still I’m facing 403 error. While joining to the meeting It is saying that invalid signature .

@galinki.ravi333 do you have valid meeting SDK client id & secret?

@galinki.ravi333 here is the NodeJS signature helper sample

function generateSignature(meetingNumber, role) {
    const iat = Math.round(new Date().getTime() / 1000) - 30;
    const exp = iat + 60 * 60 * 2
    const oHeader = {
      alg: 'HS256',
      typ: 'JWT'
    const oPayload = {
      sdkKey: process.env.SDK_KEY,
      mn: meetingNumber,
      role: role,
      iat: iat,
      exp: exp,
      appKey: process.env.SDK_KEY,
      tokenExp: iat + 60 * 60 * 2
    const sHeader = JSON.stringify(oHeader)
    const sPayload = JSON.stringify(oPayload)
    const signature = KJUR.jws.JWS.sign('HS256', sHeader, sPayload, process.env.SDK_SECRET)
    return signature;

For this I’m not using any server and backend code for signature generation and end point URL. From frontend only ,generating signature.is it necessary to use server and backend to generate signature with valid sdkClient and sdkSecret using our own URL endpoint??

Securing your sdk secret by generating the signature on the server side is officially recommended.

for creating a valid signature you need a computer with the correct time

on your (backend) webserver it’s ease - on the client browser not

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Hi, Did you integrated zoom on your site. I have same problem and want to integrate zoom on my site.

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