Integration zoom into smart TV app

We are trying to develop hosted app for smart TV and we would like to integrate zoom there for users to watch webinars. Is it possible or TVs don’t support web zoom sdk?

Hey @MMM,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. While we don’t support TVs as a platform for the Zoom Web SDK, this is possible in theory.

It really depends on how good the webview for the TV is. This is because the Web SDK requires cutting edge browser technology in order to operate as efficiently as possible.

In my experience, this would mean that the Web SDK would have the best chance of working on a brand new high end TV. A TV that likely has a good developer platform with Web Views as well as strong processors (for a TV) and a good system of keeping the TV up-to-date.

Another avenue is to use the Android Client SDK to build an android app that worked for Google/Android TVs. Although, I haven’t tested this myself.

I’ll reiterate that this use case isn’t currently supported when it comes to our SDKs but it is possible in theory.

I hope that helps!


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