Is it possible to make a smart tv app for Zoom?

It would be great if there was a smart tv app that was available for zoom. This would remove the need to cast a phone screen or attach a laptop. Is this even possible? Are the api’s available to write a custom app if this is not a direction that Zoom wants to go down?


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Problem would be the multiple Smart TV platforms in existence all having different code bases, and also whether the Smart TV would allow a webcam to be connected for the full experience rather than just display only (i.e. offer same features as Facebook Portal addon for TVs).

There is also an issue that if the TV is used for display but does not have a webcam, then there could be audio feedback from other devices in the room–that would need to be mitigated (force mute the TV? Have the TV send out a particular encoded “bong” when it connects which is heard by other Zoom devices on the same call in the room and they use that to force mute the device)–but still useful for “broadcast” type events. Some of the same audio issues happen with screen mirroring (Miracast) and screen casting (Chomecast, Roku and others) too, so the ability to request a “mute now” bong over a TV speaker is a good little feature in it’s own right

Maybe Zoom only for Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Xbox, Playstation, and (in the UK) Freeview/Freesat Play/Virgin/Sky Q devices as these are commonly used to make TV’s “smart” and are fewer platforms to support for the widest possible user base. Some of these don’t have USB so would need a way to link to a webcam over Bluetooth or WiFi

NB Roku is used by some TV makers to make their TV’s “smart” (and is also resold in the UK as Now TV by Sky)

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