Integromat to pull Zoom User data

Is it possible to use integromat to pull zoom user data and write it to google sheets?

Hey @rotabigue,

While I’m not too familiar with Integromat, Zoom APIs are platform agnostic and anywhere you can receive/write data to should be able to utilize our APIs. If you want to share more about your use case, I’m happy to point you to the right endpoint(s)!


Hi Will,

I would like to gsheet to pull the zoom user data from zoom.

In integromat zoom data is limited

Hey @rotabigue,

Have you had a chance to check out our Webhooks? You can receive data at any accessible source (like integromat) by subscribing to our webhook events:

We have webhooks for all the major events you might be interested in (meetings, users, etc.).

I also noticed this guide on Integromat, which covers setting up a Zoom webhook app:

I hope this helps!