List Users Api usage

The list users API provides very basic filtering functionality.

We are using this API so that the end user can select a meeting host from a list of users on the Zoom account. We bring back the max page size (300)…and then allow users to do an autocomplete based on the name. Then we create a meeting on behalf of this selected host.

This works well for Zoom accounts have less than 300 users. It doesn’t work for Zoom accounts with more than 300 users. What is the usual pattern that other people use to get a list of all users on a Zoom account? Are there any plans adding a name filter to this api?



Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @mike2 we strongly recommend using our webhooks to sync an external database to store user data rather than long-pulling our APIs.

For example, use the APIs to sync a database once, then have that database listen for user events like User Created, User Updated, and User Deleted. This will allow you to search from your list, rather than needing to use pagination.

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Hi @michael.harrington - Thanks for the reply.

Our app is currently live and is used by our customers. What is the process of enhancing it?

Example: Adding webhooks so we can get notified when users are created / deleted / updated. We already have the scopes set so we are entitled to get these events. We just haven’t set the endpoint and we havent subscribed to the events.

If we start modifying the current app that has been approved will that cause the app to stop working for our users in production? Or is a separate copy created on the development url endpoint?



Hey @mike2, in the “Features” section of your app, you can add any event subscriptions (for each installed user) without needing to upgrade or reauthorize the app if they do not change the required scopes.

To put another way, if the data provided in the event subscriptions you add is already requested by the scopes you have requested, it will not require a resubmission or reauthorization.