Intermittent 401 error when scheduling meetings

This is a new problem today in a a JWT API that has been functional for more than 2 years:

A large number of schedule meeting requests are returning this error today:

The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

When we the same meeting is attempted again, it is successful on the 2nd or 3rd try.

Any ideas on what would cause this intermittent error?

@darryl ,

Thank you for reporting the behavior you are experiencing using the JWT token to make API calls. . Could you share if the problem is still occurring?

That aside, I should note that The JWT app type will be deprecated June 1, 2023. To learn more about this topic, please see our JWT App Type Deprecation FAQ support documentation :

Hi Donte,

The error occurred sporadically through at least 8 PM EST. To give you a little background, my company licenses software to music schools that creates zoom meetings for around 2,000 music lessons each week. Every 10 minutes, our API process scans the lesson schedules and requests meetings for any lessons scheduled in the upcoming 60 minutes. Everything has worked seamlessly for the past two years but today we began seeing sporadic 401 errors on each scheduling run. When the process ran again 10 minutes later, most of the 401 error meetings would be scheduled successfully, although some failed on the 2nd try and were not scheduled until the 3rd try.

Although all meetings did get scheduled, there is something wrong that we need to resolve. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

You can use my main zoom account to see meetings that were scheduled today.

I am aware of the JWT deprecation and we do plan to have an oAuth app in place soon but I assume this is unrelated to today’s issue.


Darryl Schick

The problem is still happening today. Did you have a chance to look into it?


Hi Donte,

I found the cause of this problem. After a Windows server update on AWS, the time settings are reset and “automatically adjust time” was disabled. The time had drifted by around 30 seconds which caused this problem. After re-enabling automatic time, the errors stopped.

Can you let me know why an authorization error occurs when the time is off by such a small amount? That doesn’t seem right.


Darryl Schick

Plymouth Performing Arts Center