Mysterious Disruption of Zoom API

I have an ASP.NET web application which uses JWT based authentication and creates meetings in Zoom and registers users in meetings. The application has been working for a couple of years without any problems. However, since two days the Zoom API calls of the web application have not been going through for no reason. Out of the about 100 API requests made over these two days, only 15 have worked. Rest of the calls have failed with an status code Unauthorized. Our network people have confirmed that they have not changed anything which might effect communication of our web server with Zoom API. We are clueless at the moment why this sudden disruption when nothings has changed.

I hope someone can suggest something about how to troubleshoot this problem.

Has something changed on the side Zoom two days back?

Hi @devjun ,

Is the email associated with your forum user the developer email for the app? If so, I can go ahead an open ticket on your behalf for further investigation.

Talk soon!

Hi Gianni,

Yes the email address is mine and I am the developer of the application.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi @devjun ,

Your ticket has been submitted. Please check your email (17216854).

All the best!

Hi @gianni.zoom

I have received an email from the support.

Thanks a lot

We finally have been able to find the cause of the problem.

The JWT based authentication needs an expiration time to be added to the payload. The C# code of the web application is using the time on the clock of the host computer to define the expiration time. It turned out that the clock was running behind resulting in the generation of an expired JWT access token.

We corrected the time of the computer hosting the web application and the problem was resolved.

Wonderful, I am happy it has been resolved and that you were able to share the solution here!