Intermittently getting Request body should be a valid JSON object


so I’ve had a look at some of the existing forum answers for this error and I can see quite a few have resolved although I’m not sure this is the same as what is going on with our website.

On booking a meeting ( endpoint /users/userId/meetings) I sometimes get this error

2023-01-17 13:01:33: Raw Response :‘<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>300Request Body should be a valid JSON object.’
2023-01-17 13:01:33: HTTP Status Code : 400

It doesn’t happen every time, and usually, if the user refreshes the page and resubmits the form ( and therefore the json data) it goes through ok.

here’s how the JSON looks that is posted - example meeting

“userId”: “H2w0QD84SiWkDD-xewANHw”,
“topic”: “Testing Email Notification”,
“agenda”: “

Quick test of emails to hotmail accounts

“start_time”: “2023-01-18T12:00:00”,
“duration”: 5,
“type”: 2,
“timezone”: “Europe/London”,
“password”: “********”,
“settings”: {
“approval_type”: 0,
“registration_type”: 1,
“registrants_confirmation_email”: false,
“registrants_email_notification”: false

I’ve pasted this into and it comes back valid every time - although this is not what was posted when the error occurred - I’m going to try and trap the json next time the error happens.

I see in some posts developers are declaring data types - should I be doing that ? Just strikes me as odd because this error is intermittent.


@rich Hope you will be fine.

Please verify if is there any payload section that is needed as a collection [] and you are passing as the object {}.

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