Invalid Access token, does not create scopes


Forgive me being new to your API but I’me having difficulty performing actions that require adding/editing objects… eg: POST actions

Errors are Code 124: Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [meeting:write, meeting:write:admin]

I’m using your API reference / code generation under PHP using curl.

I think that I’m just missing that initial authorization step but I’m unclear as to how I can pass my API key and or secret to unlock these items. I would have thought that would be embedded in that long string in the authorization: Bearer section of the header that is part of that request.

These same tools/code work for pulling data (eg: list meeting info, get meeting poll data, etc.) just not updating / adding data.

If this is just an auth issue, is there sample PHP/curl code for taking care of that step?

Jim P.


I may have solved this myself using the code from:
to generate the token that is passed in the header…

It seems I was able to add a poll to my meeting using a script now (my intention) … and hopefully automate many other tasks…

I was hoping for a more concise solution that didn’t include lots of extra third party code in my project but I am content that I have a working solution.